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Roze El's Hall of Fame is a blog that links to awesome painted or created Fantasy Football miniatures, teams, pitches, counters, etc. If you see something that you think should be in here, please email me and let me know. All entires are attributed to the internet handle and/or real name of the painter and the site the image was found on. Click the name of the source to be linked there.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DC's Necros by danielcollins

I believe this team won best painted at CanCon in 2010 and I'm sure you'll agree it was deserved.

DC's Necros (necromantic)
Painted by danielcollins
Sourced from AusBowl

Stade d' Nightshade by Ironside

And keeping with today's theme for stadium posts of slaan, here is Stade d' Nightshade, built for Le Ricochet d'Aubergine slaan team...

Stade d' Nightshade
Created by Ironside
Sourced from AusBowl

Le Ricochet de'Aubergine by Ironside

Love these guys, and their home stadium is a work of art too.

Le Ricochet de'Aubergine (slaan)
Painted by Ironside
Sourced from AusBowl

Underdark Assassins by biggy

The pictures here are not brilliant, which would normally lead me to omit a contender from the Hall, but I really like the paint and conversion work here and there is so little representation in the Hall from underworld teams. So here they are...

Underdark Assassins (underworld)
Painted by biggy
Sourced from AusBowl

Da Fetcha by SinisterDexter

This is another one of mine and was the first MVP from the Southern Shrike Bowl.

Da Fetcha
Painted by SinisterDexter
Sourced from AusBowl

Arkham Horrors by Reaper

Ngrtkcthurght chkt gruchtk Cthulu!!!

Arkham Horrors (Nurgle)
Painted by Reaper
Sourced from AusBowl

Spawn Stadium by Polemarch

This is one of the most original and best executed stadiums I've seen. Perfect for the home team of Slaan!

Spawn Stadium
Created by Polemarch
Sourced from AusBowl

Norse by PianoDan

I have featured an individual figure from this team in a previous post, but this is the whole team. Possibly the most spectacular norse team I've ever seen.

Painted by PianoDan
Sourced from AusBowl

Nuns on the Run by Troy Clifford

Ah, blasphemy and Blood Bowl rolled into one - what could be better?

Nuns on the Run (human)
Painted by Troy Clifford
Sourced from AusBowl