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Friday, March 18, 2011

Grey Mountain Manticores by BenSquig

So, I have had the mixed-blessing of once having worked for Games Workshop. One of the best thing about it was that I met some great people, and BenSquig is one of them. In fact, I basically taught him how to paint!

Oh how things change! He is now undisputably a better painter than me, has a few Emperor's Chosen trophies in his pool room, and is widely recognised as one of the best painters, at least in Adelaide, if not Australia.

Unfortunately these are fairly terrible pictures of his Grey Mountain Manticores, but hopefully I can get some better shots a bit later on.

Grey Mountain Manticores
Painted by BenSquig
Sourced from personal photos

These last two deserve special mention because they are both limited edition figures produced for Southern Shrike Bowls. The first is a modified "Da Fetcha" model, the MVP from SSB08 and the second is a wallaby referee produced as the free gift for SSB09. I should also note that the second picture in the series above is a modified version of Seamus 'Hellspawn' O'Reilly, which was a player from this team that won the MVP in SSB09.

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