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Roze El's Hall of Fame is a blog that links to awesome painted or created Fantasy Football miniatures, teams, pitches, counters, etc. If you see something that you think should be in here, please email me and let me know. All entires are attributed to the internet handle and/or real name of the painter and the site the image was found on. Click the name of the source to be linked there.

Friday, January 28, 2011

What a month!

Phew! Little did I know when I started this blog just how much incredible stuff there was out there. It has really opened my eyes to what is possible just within a fairly niche game like Blood Bowl, and has introduced me to the work of some truly amazing artists.

I have been doing a bunch of 'delving' recently; going back into the deep, dark history of the "hobby" section of the various forums I frequent, and I have a long list of stuff to add to the Hall in the coming months. In the meantime, I thought I'd set the tone for what I intend to do...

Firstly, if I see something new that is incredible, I will whack it up straight away. There's no time like the present when you see something awesome, and I won't dither around when they come up.

Second, I will work through the old links I have and add to the, already surprisingly long, list of miniatures that are on show. However, I intend to pick a bit of a theme with this.

For February, I intend to focus on custom pitches that people have built. There are a number of great ones just here in Australia that I can work with, but I have also seen some greats from o/s as well (yes, if you didn't know, I'm based Down Under). This will probably carry over slightly into March because I am hoping to get some shots of any custom pitches that happen to be on show at the AusBowl when I head to Sydney.

In March, running with the idea that I will, as above, have the chance to see some great teams on show at the AusBowl, I will be focusing on Australian artists and some of the brilliant work that is, or has been, showcased on the AusBowl discussion boards.

After that... well, I don't know. Let's take it two months at a time.

But as it stands my places for accruing pics is AusBowl, TFF and the NAF, plus the odd Google search thrown in for good measure. If you know of a good showcase of Blood Bowl stuff, whether it be a discussion board, blog or something else, please email me at sindexstudio@gmail.com and tell me about it.

I will probably not post now until early Feb, just because I have a lot on, but stay tuned for a month of Crowd Surf, Turf and Stadia...


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bayernhoff Bengals by Aflo

Ah, finally, a great human team to show off. Humans are my first, and favourite, team and these are just brilliant:

Bayernhoff Bengals
Painted by Aflo
Sourced from TalkFantasyFootball

Halfling Picnic Pillagers by Pitch Invader

Like the rest of Pitch Invader's stuff, this team speaks for itself. Incredible work on one of my favourite all time teams - the flings!

Halfling Picnic Pillagers
Painted by Pitch Invader
Sourced from TalkFantasyFootball

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rat Ogre by Anthony Watts

An old model, but a great paint job. Simple, bold and effective:

2nd edition Rat Ogre
Painted by Anthony Watts
Sourced from Watts + Wargames

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Galadrieth Gladiators by Horekim - elves

One more for today (or this morning anyway), another team by Horekim:

Galadrieth Gladiators
Painted by Horekim
Sourced from Verdensmand.com

Griff Oberwald by Roman Lappat

Obviously more of a display piece this is nevertheless and awesome work of Blood Bowl genius:

Griff Oberwald
Painted by Roman Lappat
Sourced from ToyCutter

The Mighty Zug by CMDante

Another single figure, this one is by an artist who should be held in extremely high regard across the hobby. CMDante's work is spectacular, and this Zug is no exception:

The Might Zug
Painted by CMDante
Sourced from DakkaDakka

Blood Bowl Arena Stadium by Scenografic

Wow! Now, transportable custom boards are great, and I do want to put more up here (particularly some of Virral's), but non-transportable gives you some great latitude in what you do. This board is just great:

Blood Bowl Arena Stadium
Created by Scenografic
Sourced from Cool Mini or Not

Blue Mountain Earthquakes by Michael Sng Woei Shyong - ogres

Ah, Google, how I love thee. I have now started broadening my horizons in terms of searching for great figures and Google brought me to this:

Blue Mountain Earthquakes
Painted by Michael Sng Woei Shyong
Sourced from OliveKhakiGrey

Classic teams by PlanetTJ

Apparently these figures were painted about 20 years ago, which always spins me out until I realise that's about as long as I've been playing too!! No, actually, now it REALLY spins me out!

Anyway, they are good examples of good, clean, classic team paint jobs:

Classic Chaos, Undead, Human and High Elf Teams
Painted by PlanetTJ
Sourced from TalkFantasyFootball

Nurgle by Steve Lemky

These guys were sent to me as a "shameless self promotion", but I don't care, they look cool!

Painted by Steve Lemky
Sourced from personal photos

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Orcs by boroorc

There is so much excellent stuff being posted at the moment by a large number of artists. Here is yet another excellent figure (a conversion). With this sort of stuff constantly being shown off I am sure this blog will just grow and grow and grow!

EDIT: this team has grown so I am adding the pics on. Hopefully there'll be a whole team nefore long.

Painted by boroorc
Sourced from TalkFantasyFootball

Goblins by danielcollins

One of Australia's own great artists, I'm glad to have finally been able to get something by danielcollins up as I've seen his stuff before and it is excellent:

Painted by danielcollins
Sourced from AusBowl