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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

North Araby Raiders by pugwash

Sorry about the lack of recent entries all, life has been hectic. But still working through the AusBowl back-catalogue, and found this little beauty...

North Araby Raiders
Painted by pugwash
Sourced from AusBowl

Given the effort was also put into it, I figured I would include the fluff to go along with this team:

The North Araby Raiders were conceived when Sheik Abdul Al Razim travelled to the Empire on a trade delegation and observed a game of bloodbowl in Altdorf. The Sheik was impressed by the brutality and skill of the players and saw a potential to further his political machinations by creating his own team. Returning to Martek (a city in northern Araby) the Sheik immediately recruited many of the cities top viper-ball players to form a team (viper-ball is played primarily with the feet, involving a special basket filled with venemous snakes). Thus the Martek Raiders were born. Initially unprepared for the level of violence they encountered in their first old world games, the surviving Raiders players gradually improved, adopted leather safety gear, and even managed to recruit ogre Al-Jabal to the team (The Mountain).

When travelling to tournaments in the old world the Martek raiders dropped their original name due to the geographical ignorance of locals, simply becoming the North Araby Raiders.

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